Bricked Mosaic 40x20" Coffee Art - Memobrick
Bricked Mosaic 40x20" Coffee Art - Memobrick

Coffee Art Home Decor Bricked Mosaic Portrait 40x20"

Personalized kit of Bricks mosaic
SIZE: 40x20 inches
FITS: 1-3 Individuals
PIECES: 8,192

Our artists have created a special collection just for you!
Enjoy the experience of bringing your personalized brick-art to life. 
Transform your walls with our one-of-a-kind brick art. It's more than a home decor; it's a conversation starter!

Build your own Memobrick at home with everything you need. It's relaxing and fun!

A unique way to create an art wall! 

Yes, We also can build it for you.

Set Includes:
Baseplates, a set of bricks, a brick separator, and a mosaic map.
Pre-designed orders takes 1-2 business days to be shipped.

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