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How Memobrick Can Help You Have More Quality Moments With Your Family

Discover Memobrick’s mission to help families build valuable memories brick by brick

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Memobrick is an innovative company that turns memories into art by offering people the possibility to convert images into brick puzzles with a personalized size and difficulty. It also features some pre-made images ready for ordering for those who want to try out how they work or want to go with some classic choices.

With a unique kit that includes easy-to-read instructions, the unique bricks, boards, and everything you need to start this fun activity, Memobrick is changing the family night game completely, bringing a new way to spend quality time with loved ones while engaging in a healthy and beneficial project.

In this article, you can find detailed information about how these memory bricks can help families build stronger bonds, as well as help others who want to learn to spend time alone without feeling sad, with useful facts about the brain’s functioning and why these displays contribute to every family member's proper functioning.

Building Memobricks As The Key To Quality Family Time
Memobricks came to change the game of the family night and the way you can assemble puzzle-like boards, introducing personalized displays, sensorial pleasure, and loads of fun while assembling.

What sets Memobricks apart from other similar products is its guaranteed fun and quality time you can spend with the people you love the most. Not only do they provide a unique experience, thus everyone can choose a special image or go with some pre-made classics, but sitting together and dedicating time to finding the pieces that match and form the beautiful photo creates incredible memories that will stay with you forever.

Because Memobricks can be fully customized, the level of difficulty varies, adding more fun and laughter to the table. Once begun, the assembling process is all about cooperation and helping each other, which are two essential factors that determine the closeness of family members. Furthermore, Memobricks promote the building and training of basic skills such as physical, cognitive, and emotional, which are the principal skills of a well-rounded person (1).

Family Health Benefits Of Assembling Memobricks
Besides being a fun activity to do with family, assembling Memobricks offer a series of health benefits to every member that are worth mentioning. Continuing with the previous point that introduced the three basic skills that this activity builds and strengthens, Memobricks helps with developing the creative side of the brain in all ages. Due to its visual appeal, and familiar images that can be chosen, children and adults can cooperate to put all the pieces together.

Furthermore, the physical, cognitive and emotional skills that Memobricks enhances have a huge impact on every member of the family. Hand-eye coordination is very important for motricity and keeping your body and mind working, without engaging in other vigorous activity, as well as fine and gross motor skills which are trained by handling the small pieces and putting them together with their pair, for smaller Memobrick displays, and the other for the larger ones.

As for the cognitive skills, children can recognize shapes, train their memory and develop problem-solving skills, because Memobricks are, indeed, about “solving” an image. This also serves as a great emotional developer thus assembling a Memobrcik display can help children and adults develop patience and achieve goals, which can be translated to other areas of life as well.

Why Memobricks Bring Families Together?

To begin, the activity of assembling Memobricks requires all the members of a family to sit close around it, which already is a great starting point. But before all this, there’s another way Memobricks can bring families closer and it happens during the time when they have to choose which Memobrick to get if they’ll choose a personal image or they’ll try out a pre-made version available. This time requires members to spend time deciding and debating which one to acquire, promoting communication, patience, and excitement.

Once the Memobrick chosen arrives, the other part of the fun can begin. Assembling them can help parents bond with their children by helping them solve the image, as well as teaching parents their own ways for solving them. It is a calm but extremely fun activity to do with relatives and other adults as well. By getting together and working towards the same goal, the family comes closer and creates valuable memories that later lead to more group activities, thus repeating the same fun obtained with this one.
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The Bottom Line
Memobrick allows people to turn memories into art, by customizing small bricks to form an image chosen, as well as offering pre-made options too. With a simple 3-step process where you choose your size, upload a photo, and receive a preview for your approval, anyone can enjoy their customized display and begin a journey of fun and happiness.

With many sizes and pictures available, Memobrick has a personal mission to bring families together, as well as helping others feel comfortable with spending a relaxed night with their own company solving memory bricks. Everyone can build Memobricks, from little children supervised by an adult to teenagers, parents, and grandparents, and bringing them all together to solve one image is a recipe for extreme fun and laughter, highly recommended to try out.

Spending quality time with your family doesn’t require spending a lot of money. Memobricks are a great way to promote cooperation, patience, and teamwork within every member, and they can be solved anywhere, from the living room or kitchen to an abroad vacation. Furthermore, once finished, the Memobrick board can be hung on a wall and add a beautiful touch to any place in the house, which also serves as a great reminder of how fun it was to assemble it and the amazing memories created
lego picture family activity
family activity lego lego picture memobrick

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